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Just like the items in your trusty backpack, we created our company to carry the essentials and small comforts that make the journey a little easier. Our products were not created for you to escape, but rather to enhance and elevate. Think of BakPak as the supplements you take to ensure peak performance. They enhance your life so that you can recover quicker, sleep better, cultivate a positive mood and nurture a productive mode without all the hazy side effects. 

Why Hemp?

BakPak products are derived from hemp which is not marijuana. The difference between the two is that hemp contains only 0.3% or less of THC. Hemp has been found to reduce stress, stimulate a healthy brain, reduce inflammation that causes pain and block receptors that cause stress and depression. It's why we stand behind every product we create.

Who's BakPak for?

From professionals looking for focus and motivation to parents needing stress relief and a good night’s sleep—BakPak is for everyone! Whether you are looking to recover from a fitness-driven lifestyle, find mental clarity in a busy day, or seeking an alternative to alcohol, we've thoughtfully crafted our product line to improve your journey and make the most of every day.

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