Dierdre Detraz, ANPC

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- Deirdre Detraz, ANPC
Apex Prevention, LLC

My Practice

Here at Apex Prevention, LLC, I continue to specialize, not only in cardiovascular prevention, but also cardiometabolic risk assessment and reduction. While treatment of high blood pressure and high cholesterol are important for preventing heart disease and strokes, there remain numerous other root causes and risk factors that are simply not addressed at even the most affluent local cardiovascular prevention centers.

 I have taken my position as a specialist in prevention very seriously. I seek opportunities to attend conferences and preceptorships all over the country that focus specifically on cardiac prevention and take advantage of offers to “shadow” nationally recognized leaders in cardiovascular prevention. In doing so, I am able to learn the most effective and cutting edge techniques and screening tools available to provide the absolute best care for my patients whom entrust their healthcare to me. As always, patients can continue to expect very individualized visits where they are instrumental in assisting me in providing personalized recommendations and treatment plans based on their own specific results.
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