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How CBD changed my life!

I am Bryant Wheat. I’m a 38-year-old Christian man, husband of 20 years, father of two wonderful children. Now let me tell you a story of health issues that I’ve experienced and how they negatively impacted the way I live my life. I will also share how discovering the natural benefits from CBD/CBG products has improved the quality of my life, while facing the day-to-day health problems that will be with me forever.

In November 2014, I was playing hide & seek with my son & his friends. I broke my leg clean across the bone. We had to put two screws below my knee, along with an exo-frame drilled/ screwed into my shin & femur. This injury prevented me from walking for almost a year. With it came many hours of physical therapy.

Then in 2015 I was diagnosed with severe Rheumatoid Arthritis. Just after I recovered from my leg injury, I now was battling chronic pain in my ankles, knees, wrists, and hands. With this came a lot morning time soaking and daily dose of braces (ankle, knee, wrists), and three different medications.

My leg after breaking my Fibula Plateau.

Then to cap it all off on November 30th, 2016, I experienced my first epileptic seizure. I damaged total of six bones in my spine, four of them where in my lumbar. The seizure fractured my L2, L3, L4, L5. It would take months in an upper body brace and many more hours of physical therapy before I could get any core strength back.

During that time, I lived with chronic pain, sleep problems, and tremors while trying to settle down at the end of the day. These tremors made my muscles sore for days at times. Let’s not forget the mental & physical stress that came along with these issues I was facing.

That’s where CBD/CBG came to my rescue. I started using the muscle & joint cream on my affected arthritis areas (ankles, knees, wrists). I was blown away by how CBD/CBG creams activated my body’s immune system to reduce the inflammation and provide more mobility and less pain in those areas. After that I tried the tincture drops to see if it helped with my tremors. Amazingly the CBD/CBG tincture drops helped my body calm without all the tremors. I was finally able to fall asleep peacefully and get a good night sleep without all the tossing and turning. I will whole-heartedly recommend These products to anyone who might gain relief from all the different benefits CBD/CBG has to offer.

Recently I started to try the Full Spectrum CBD/CBG/THC gummies to help me decompress before evening time. I LOVED IT!!! It gave me a sense of full body and cerebral relaxation. It helps me to not focus on the stressful issues that everyday life brings to us. It allows my mindset and attitude to be more enjoyable and allows me to be present in the moment with my family.

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