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My Story

In 2016, while hiking in Hawaii with a friend I suffered a fall of 75ft. Fortunately she was able to call 911 and have me airlifted out and flighted to the ER. After full analysis I was declared to have multiple fractures all over my body to include a snapped arm, split jaw, and a completely obliterated knee as well as cardiac and pulmonary contusions, major tissue damage and a severe concussion.

I spent 1 month in a rehabilitation center where I had to learn how to take care of myself and adapt to my new limitations. It took 6 months to be able to walk again unassisted and a year to be able to hold a gallon of water out in front of me. To this day I experience mild to extreme pain in all of my injuries as well as arthritis. All of which I will live with for the rest of my life. Lets just say the rain and cold is no longer my friend.

Later on in search of a more permanent solution to my pain I was brought to light about the natural health benefits of Cannabinoids. CBD,CBG and THC. Brought to me in lieu of a unfortunate accident but a god send to myself and others who suffer and live with debilitating physical and mental injuries.

My Cannabinoid Experience

CBD/CBG has been a BIG part of my life medicinally and therapeutically since an accident I was involved in 5 years ago. After my long road of recovery I was introduced to CBD/CBG after inquiring about the Natural Health Benefits of Cannabinoids. I was skeptical at first but after starting a regiment of a CBD/CBG mix I realized an increase in my mental health and a decrease in my chronic arthritis pain after just a few weeks. It has absolutely given me a new lease on life. It has made such a positive impact in my life since, that it gave me and my dad the drive to launch “Spear Cannabis Company” and continue to live a life using Natural Medicine and Educating people on the Amazing Benefits of this Natural Miracle!

Spear Cannabis Company

Spear Cannabis Company is a Family owned, Louisiana Farming operation Licensed by the LDAF that grows small batch, Hydroponic Cannabis Flower for its Medicinal Properties. The plants are grown inside our climate controlled indoor facility which helps for a much cleaner and higher quality flower. We Launched SCC in 2021 in an effort to grow and provide quality affordable products to the public while educating and spreading the word of the Natural Health Benefits of Cannabinoids. Whether you are looking for CBD/CBG products or are looking to have a good time with our THC Delta 8/9 line, SCC welcomes all!

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