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About me!

I grew up helping on my grandfather’s sugar cane farm. He also grew other crops like corn, soy beans, and potatoes. Once I was older, I decided to leave the farm life and work in the oil field. I spent the next 26 years in the oil field going all around the world. I worked in the Gulf of Mexico, Canada, all over the Middle East and several states in the US. After several ups and down in the oil industry, I decided I needed a change. When I heard of the potential in the hemp industry, I had an immediate interest. My passion has always been growing.

My Hemp Farm

When I learned about the industrial hemp program in Louisiana, I immediately began researching. I’ve always enjoyed growing things, I spent most of my childhood working on my grandfather’s sugarcane farm. I wanted to grow the best possible hemp using alternative methods.

After obtaining the necessary licenses, I began my growing adventure. I looked at the different strains of hemp plants, lighting, fans, and cooling systems. I found a lot of helpful information on the internet regarding these topics. Everyday I researched and continued to increase my knowledge on the subject.

I started growing hemp in 2021 as a side project with just a few plants and a small indoor area. After trying various growing techniques, I decided to attempt growing in an aquaponics system. I house fish on one side of the system and then pass their waste water through a biologic filter. The filtered waste is then used to feed the plants. The plants absorb the nutrients from the water and clean it before returning it back to the fish tanks. I chose this type of system because there is no waste water runoff and no need for chemical fertilizers. My fish are fed an organic feed, producing the best possible fish and chemical free hemp.
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