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– The Poret Family
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Our History

Twin Oaks Organics, LLC is the culmination of three generations of farmers based in Central Louisiana. Gaston Poret Jr started farming sweet potatoes in the fertile soil of Avoyelles parish and his son, Ray, joined the farm when he was old enough to work. Ray continued farming sweet potatoes when Gaston retired but also added peaches and sweet corn so that his sons would learn the values of working to produce goods for the community. Thirty years later, we asked our father to come out of retirement to advise on growing industrial hemp with Twin Oaks Organics, LLC so that once again the Poret family could provide our community with valuable commodities.

Twin Oaks Farms, LLC was founded to continue the farming tradition of the Poret family, but, with a focus on organic products and sustainable farming. Since the United States government legalized the cultivation and use of industrial hemp products. We have been working with industry consultants and state agents to understand how to yield plants of the highest quality and benefits.

Farming Hemp in Louisiana

In 2020, Twin Oaks Organics, LLC planted our first crop of industrial hemp. The first crop consisted of a grow of 4,200 plants spread out over two acres of farmland. Unfortunately, the crop was impacted by the major storms that ravaged the state last year and much of the crop was lost. Due to these losses, in 2021 Twin Oaks Farms, LLC started a pilot project of controlled growing by moving the plants indoors to more carefully controlling variables such as lighting, temperature, and exposure of the plants. Our focus is to be able to produce stronger plants with higher quality benefits by using this approach.

With the re-legalization of industrial hemp, people are discovering the natural benefits of this wonderful plant all over again. From the durability of the stalk fibers used in the manufacturing of industrial textiles, including building materials and bioplastics; to uses in food production and personal hygiene products; to the medicinal benefits of the cannabinoids that we have experience. We have used hemp cannabinoids for skin irritations, stomach issues, migraine headaches, minor skin burns and cuts, muscle pain, general muscle pain and stiffness and general inflammation in the body.

Our Experience using Hemp Products!

“I personally have used CBD/CBG oil ointment for several uses including to relieve chronic back and neck pain. I have never been a huge fan of over-the-counter drugs and I have found that the CBD/CBG oil, in combination with regular stretching and massage, helps manage my pain better than other drugs and medicines.”

– J. Jonathan Poret, CO-Fouder of Twin Oaks Organics, LLC

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